Chris Martens

Ph.D. candidate
CV as of August 2014

I'm studying programming languages and logic in the Computer Science Department and Pure and Applied Logic Program at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Karl Crary and Frank Pfenning.


My thesis project is a programming language for the design of game mechanics. The language is based on forward-chaining linear logic programming, a way of declaratively describing state change. This methodology makes it easy to encode generative rules that create procedural content for interactive simulations that give rise to emergent narratives.

The language semantics' basis in proof theory enables a structural understanding of these narratives, making it possible to analyze them for concurrent behavior among multiple agents, and prove global properties about that behavior. Ultimately, I imagine such a system as the basis for a kind of game sketching tool, usable for rapid testing, proving, and iterating upon designs.

In general, my interests and expertise span logical frameworks, dependent types, algebraic/categorical accounts of logic and type theory, interactive fiction authorship, experimental game design, emergent/simulationist story worlds, functional programming, and logic programming.

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