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Neural Networks, Connectionist Systems, and Neural Systems


   am/        Aspirin/MIGRAINES: Neural Network Simulator 
              (Backpropagation Networks)
   animator/  HYPERPLANE ANIMATOR: Graphical display of 
              backpropagation training data and weights
   anncam/    ANNCAM: Content-Addressable Memory Neural Network 
   ansil/     ANSIL: Advanced Network Simulator in Lisp
   art/       ART: Implementations of ART-1 and ART-2 Neural 
   atree/     ALN: Atree Adaptive Logic Network Simulation 
   backprop/  BACKPROP: Backpropagation Simulators
   bam/       BAM: Bidirectional Associative Memory Simulation
   blue/      Blue: Backpropagation and Conjugate Gradient 
              programs in Fortran
   bp/        BP: BackProp simulator for the PC
   bpnn/      BPNN: BackPropagation Neural Network Engine
   bps/       BPS: Backpropagation Simulation Package
   brain/     THE BRAIN: Neural Network (Backpropagation) 
              Simulator for MSDOS
   cascor/    CASCOR: Lisp and C implementations of Cascade 
   cmac/      CMAC: Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller
   cog/       COG: Cognitron Simulation Program
   condela/   CONDELA III: Neural Network Definition Language
   dartnet/   DartNet: Neural Network Simulator with a nice 
              graphical interface.
   datarep/   DATAREP: Representing Data in Neural Nets
   et/        ET: Perceptron Simulator
   flight/    Flight: A neural network that learns to fly.
   gatordem/  Propagator: Demo version of a backpropagation 
              neural network simulator
   gradsim/   GRADSIM: Connectionist Network Optimization 
   hopfield/  Hopfield: Traveling Salesman Problem
   ics/       ICS: Hopfield Networks and Backpropagation
   mactivat/  Mactivation
   matrix/    Matrix: C++ Matrix class with backpropagation 
   mbp/       MBP: Matrix Backpropagation Package
   mume/      MUME: Multi-Module Neural Computing Environment
   nasanets/  NASA NETS: Backpropagation Neural Networks System
   neocog/    NeoCognitron: Neural Network Simulator
   nerves/    NERVES: Nervous System Construction Kit
   netstuff/  Netstuff: From 'A Practical Guide to Neural 
   neudl/     NeuDL: Neural-Network Description Language
   neural/    SLUG: Backpropagation neural network for Windows 
   neuronc/   NeuronC: Biophysically-Based Compartmental 
   nevprop/   NevProp: General purpose backpropagation in C.
   newton/    Newton: Demonstrations of backpropagation neural 
   nn/        NN: Backpropagation and Perceptrons
   nndt/      NNDT: A Neural Network Tool for Windows
   nnetdraw/  NNETDRAW: Short Course on Neural Networks
   nns/       NNS: Neural Network Simulator with 256 Neurons
   nnutl/     NNUTL: C source library/tutorial for neural 
   percept/   PERCEPT: Implementation of a perceptron
   planet/    PlaNet: Neural network simulator.
   qprop/     Quickprop: Backpropagation variation in Lisp, 
              Scheme, and C
   rcc/       RCC: Recurrent Cascade-Correlation Learning 
              Algorithm in Lisp and C
   rcs/       RCS: Rochester Connectionist Simulator
   rns/       RNS: Recurrent Network Simulator
   sciam/     SCIAM: Neural network simulator kernel
   simul/     NN-Simulator: Flexible and User-Friendly Neural 
              Network Simulator
   snns/      SNNS: Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
   som_lvq/   LVQ_PAK and SOM_PAK: Classification of data using 
              self-organizing memory networks.
   suzy/      SUZY: Neural Network Classifier System for PCs
   tcs/       TCS: Tasmanian Connectionist Simulator
   thnet/     THNET: THinkNet connectionist software
   tooldiag/  ToolDiag: Feature selection software for 
              improving classifiers.
   topmap/    TOPMAP: Kohonen topology preserving maps in 
   utexas/    Neural network code from the University of Texas.
   winnn/     WinNN: Windows Neural Networks
   xerion/    XERION: Neural network simulator
   xpp/       XPP: Analysis and Simulation of Dynamic and 
              Probabilistic Phenomena


   FTP sites for neural networks include [] []
This directory contains neural networks, connectionist systems, and neural systems software.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Connectionist Systems, Neural Networks, Neural Systems
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