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Quickprop: Backpropagation variation in Lisp, Scheme, and C

This directory contains Lisp, Scheme, and C implementations of Quickprop, a variation on backpropagation by Scott Fahlman. The original Lisp version was written by Scott Fahlman. The C port is by Terry Regier, and the Scheme port by Song Koh.
   as the files quickprop1.lisp and backprop.lisp.

Version: Quickprop (19-DEC-91); Backprop (6-MAR-89) Requires: Lisp, Scheme, C Copying: Public Domain Updated: Thu Sep 1 19:18:48 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Scott Fahlman (Lisp, Algorithm) Carnegie Mellon University Terry Regier (C) University of California, Berkeley Song Koh (Scheme) Harris Semiconductor Tel: (407)-724-7085 Keywords: Authors!Fahlman, Authors!Koh, Authors!Regier, Backpropagation, Berkeley, C!Code, CMU, Lisp!Code, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Neural Networks, Public Domain, Quickprop, Scheme!Code References: Scott Fahlman, "Faster-Learning Variations on Back-Propagation: An Empirical Study" in Proceedings of 1988 Connectionist Models Summer School, D. S. Touretzky, G. E. Hinton, and T. J. Sejnowski (eds.), Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Los Altos CA, pp. 38-51.
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