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   doc/       Documentation relating to FTP Repositories.
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Welcome to the CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository. The AI Repository was established by Mark Kantrowitz in 1993 to collect free software and materials of general interest to AI researchers, educators, students, and practitioners. If this is the first time you have used the Repository, please read this file and the file named readme.txt. The file readme.txt contains important information concerning the repository and conditions on use of the repository. By retrieving files from the repository, you signify your agreement to these conditions. This directory contains six annotation files and several directories: 0.all Concatenation of the repository's 0.doc files 0.ask Abbreviated version of 0.all 0.doc Top-level documentation (this file) readme.txt Read this file before using the AI Repository file_ext.txt File extensions in use in the repository ls-Rla.gz Results of running ls -Rla on the repository copying/ GNU GPL and other copyright notices doc/ Help with ftp, bitftp, ftpmail, etc. util/ Compression and archiving software html/ Mosaic-related documents, FAQ files, etc. ptfai/ Administrative sub-directory new/ For contributing files to the repository sub-directory for ... The remaining directories are the tops of topical directory trees. These are (typically) structured as follows: a/ 0.doc documentation file for topic a aa/ 0.doc documentation file for topic aa aaa/ 0.doc documentation file for package aaa 0.iso ISO-9660 file name correspondence table 0.lst summary listing file for package aaa aaa.lzv verbose listing of Info-zipped archive ab/ ... There are some definite flaws with the current hierarchy, principally stemming from limitations in the ISO-9660 file system and differences between CD-ROM and FTP archive structuring priorities. We expect to rearrange things in the future, so let us know your preferences...
Copying: Inclusion of a package in the CMU AI Repository does not modify the copyright status of the file. See the contents of a package for details on the restrictions affecting that package. ALL ANCILLARY MATERIALS (e.g., the book, this file, the 0.doc files) are Copyright (c) 1994 by Prime Time Freeware & Mark Kantrowitz. All rights reserved. Copying of the 0.doc files is generally permitted, (e.g., they may be included on mirror sites for the CMU AI Repository), except that THE 0.DOC FILES MAY NOT BE USED TO PRODUCE A COMMERCIAL CD-ROM OR SIMILAR PRODUCT THAT COMPETES WITH THE Prime Time Freeware for AI CD-ROMs. (See the file readme.txt for details.) Updated: 14-JUL-94 CD-ROM: Bug Reports: Mailing List: None at present. Contact: Mark Kantrowitz School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 Fax: 412-681-5739 Keywords:
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