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   agents/    Agent Architectures
   alife/     Artificial Life and Complex Adaptive Systems
   anneal/    Simulated Annealing
   areas/     AI Newsgroup Archives
   blackbrd/  Blackboard Architectures
   bookcode/  Machine readable parts of various AI textbooks.
   ca/        Cellular Automata
   classics/  Classical AI Programs
   constrnt/  Constraint Processing
   dai/       Distributed AI
   discover/  Machine Discovery and Data-Mining
   doc/       Documentation and other AI-related notes.
   edu/       Educational Tools
   expert/    Expert Systems and Production Systems
   faq/       AI FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
              postings for
   fuzzy/     Fuzzy Logic
   games/     Game Playing
   genetic/   Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming
   icot/      IFS: ICOT Free Software
   kr/        Knowledge Representation
   learning/  Machine Learning
   misc/      Miscellaneous Unclassified AI Packages
   music/     Music
   neural/    Neural Networks, Connectionist Systems, and 
              Neural Systems
   nlp/       Natural Language Processing (NLU, NLG, Parsing, 
              Morphology, Machine Translation ...)
   planning/  Planning and Plan Recognition
   reasonng/  Reasoning
   robotics/  Robotics
   search/    Search
   speech/    Speech Recognition and Synthesis
   testbeds/  Testbeds, Simulators, and Micro-Worlds for 
              Planning, Agents, and Robotics
   virtual/   Virtual Reality
   vision/    Computer Vision
This directory contains AI-related software and other materials of interest to AI researchers, educators, students, and practitioners. The subdirectories are organized by topic or field.
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