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   analogy/   Analogical Reasoning
   atp/       Theorem Proving and Automated Reasoning
   case_bsd/  Case-Based Reasoning
   chem/      Chemical Reasoning
   defeasbl/  Defeasible Reasoning
   medical/   Medical Reasoning
   meta/      Meta Reasoning
   probabl/   Probabilistic Reasoning
   qualittv/  Qualitative Reasoning
   temporal/  Temporal Reasoning
   tms/       Truth Maintenance
   toolset/   Toolset: OSU LAIR Generic Task Toolset
This directory contains software and other materials about Analogical Reasoning, Case Based Reasoning, Defeasible Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, Medical Reasoning, Probabilistic Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning, Temporal Reasoning, Theorem Proving/Automated Reasoning, and Truth Maintenance.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: AI Software Packages, Reasoning, Software Packages
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