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Qualitative Reasoning


   qpe/       QPE: Qualitative Process Engine
   qsim/      QSIM: A Tool for Modeling and Simulation with 
              Incomplete Knowledge
This directory contains software and other materials about Qualitative Reasoning.
References: Forbus, K. D., Qualitative Process Theory, Artificial Intelligence, 24:85-168, 1984. Kuipers, B., Qualitative Reasoning with Causal Models in Diagnosis of Complex Systems, In D. S. Weld & J. deKleer, editors, Readings in Qualitative Reasoning about Physical Systems, pages 257-274, chapter 10, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1989. Davis, R., Diagnostic Reasoning Based on Structure and Behavior, Artificial Intelligence, 24:347-410, 1984. Sticklen, J., Chandrasekaran, B., & Bond, W. Distributed Causal Reasoning. Knowledge Acquisition, 1:139-162, 1989. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Qualitative Reasoning, Reasoning!Qualitative Reasoning
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