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Toolset: OSU LAIR Generic Task Toolset

The Integrated Generic Task Toolset provides computational mechanisms especially suited for certain reasoning tasks which are typically encountered during the course of diagnosis, design, planning, and similar knowledge-based activities. By directly supporting a set of basic reasoning tasks, the toolset provides building blocks out of which more complex reasoning systems can be built. To support a particular reasoning task, the toolset provides a set of appropriate mechanisms, each with its own control strategies and characteristic ways of organizing and representing knowledge. Thus, the toolset provides to the knowledge system builder an advantage over rules, logic, semantic nets, frames, and neural nets, similar to the advantage that higher-level languages provide over assembly language for the computer programmer.


Version: Fafner release 1.1-DoD Requires: PCL, Common Lisp Copying: Copyright, 1988, The Ohio State University, Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research. Use and copying permitted for research purposes only. If you are using this software, please send mail to CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Dr. John R. Josephson The Ohio State University LAIR, CIS Dept. 228 CAE Bldg., 2036 Neil Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43210-2177 Contact: Keywords: Authors!Josephson, CSRL, LAIR Toolset, Lisp!Code, RA, Reasoning References: ?
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