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Testbeds, Simulators, and Micro-Worlds for Planning, Agents, and Robotics


   arsmagna/  ARS MAGNA: Abstract Robot Simulator
   eden/      Eden: Poplog-based AI Microworld
   erratic/   Erratic: Mobile Robot Simulator and Controller
   mice/      MICE: Michigan Intelligent Coordination 
              Experiment testbed
   rsim/      RSIM: Robot Arm Simulator
   simderel/  Simderella: Robot Simulator
   tilewrld/  TILEWORLD: Planning testbed and simulator
   trckwrld/  TRUCKWORLD: Testbed for AI Planning Programs
This directory contains testbeds, simulators, and micro-worlds for planning, agents, and robotics.
References: Steve Hanks, Martha E. Pollack, and Paul R. Cohen, "Benchmarks, Test Beds, Controlled Experimentation, and the Design of Agent Architectures", AI Magazine 14(4):17-42, Winter 1993. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: AI Software Packages, Agent Architectures, Micro-Worlds, Planning, Robotics, Simulators, Software Packages, Testbeds
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