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RSIM: Robot Arm Simulator

RSIM is a SGI-based graphical robot simulator from the University of Melbourne, with very nice graphics. It does discrete time simulation of an arbitrary linked robot arm, with full kinematics and dynamics. There is a discrete-time controller and a standard C interface so that users can create and test different controller algorithms. The robot simulator currently only works on SGI machines, and in a no-graphics mode on other machines. When the IPRS GUI standard is established, the authors will be converting this to run under IPRS, which will make it machine independent.

Version: 22-JUL-92 Requires: C Ports: SGI machines; will run without graphics on other machines. Copying: Use, copying, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Andrew Conway and Craig Dillon Contact: Craig Dillon Department of Computer Science University of Melbourne Parkville, Vic. 3052 Australia Keywords: Agent Architectures, Authors!Conway, Authors!Dillon, C!Code, Micro-Worlds, Planning, RSIM, Robot Arm Simulator, Robotics, SGI, Simulators, Testbeds References: ?
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