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Eden: Poplog-based AI Microworld

Eden is a Poplog-based AI microworld developed by Simon Perkins, Jocelyn Paine and Edmund Chattoe of the Oxford University Artificial Intelligence Society. It is intended to serve as a testbed for learning and planning programs. Programs written in Pop-11, Prolog, Lisp, and ML control a "bug" that lives in a 2-dimensional world. Any kind of algorithm may be used to control the bug, including genetic algorithms, neural nets, and rule-based systems. Eden consists of a grid of cells, each of which can contain objects such as keys, doors, boulders and quicksand. Bug's objective is to find and eat a piece of food which the simulator has placed somewhere within this grid. To do this, Bug must negotiate its way towards the food while dealing intelligently with obstacles. Eden's laws of physics allow Bug to take one of several different actions when it encounters an object. The simulator then works out the consequences of the chosen action on Bug and on Eden, and displays these graphically in a Ved window. Bug's perceptions are updated to reflect the new state of the world, and the cycle repeats. Eden includes PopBeast, a simple Prolog bug which can read and parse simple commands, extract their meaning, plan how to satisfy these commands, and then carry out the plans. Two versions of Eden are included. Version 1 is the original, which was used in the bug competition. Version 2 is an updated version used by Jocelyn Paine in an AI and Prolog course and includes a production-system bug. Version 2 is not compatible with the original and is not intended for the competition; please use the original for that.
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   as the file eden.tar.Z. (Note: This is really a link to the
   directory computing/programming/languages/prolog/pd-software/.)

Version: 1.0 (29-NOV-92); 2.0 (21-AUG-93) Requires: PopLog, Pop-11, Prolog, Lisp, ML Ports: Parts of the current Eden are coded in Pop-11, so porting it to Prologs other than Poplog will require some effort. Most of the recoding needed is in the grid-world simulator and the definition of objects. Send mail to Jocelyn Paine if you're willing to try this. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Simon Perkins, Jocelyn Paine, Edmund Chattoe Contact: Jocelyn Paine Keywords: Agent Architectures, Authors!Chattoe, Authors!Paine, Authors!Perkins, Eden, Lisp!Code, ML!Code, Machine Learning, Micro-Worlds, Planning, Pop-11!Code, PopBeast, Prolog!Code, Robotics, Simulators, Testbeds References: ?
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