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XERION: Neural network simulator

XERION is a neural network simulator from Drew van Camp at the University of Toronto. It provides a library of routines for building networks and graphically displaying them. Example simulators include Backpropagation, Recurrent Backpropagation, Boltzmann Machine, Mean Field Theory, Free Energy Manipulation, Kohonnen Net, and Hard and Soft Competitive Learning. See also SCIAM, a little program that contains the basic kernel which was published in the September 1992 issue of Scientific American.
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Version: 3.1.147 Requires: C, X Windows (X11R4, X11R5) Ports: Xerion runs on SGI Personal Iris, SGI 4d, Sun3 (SunOS), Sun4 (SunOS), DEC 5000 (Ultrix), DEC Alpha (OSF/1), HP 730 (HP-UX 8.07) Copying: Copyright (c) 1990-93 by University of Toronto Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: To be added to the mailing list, send mail to Author(s): Drew van Camp (Xerion) Tony Plate (Xerion) Geoffrey Hinton (Xerion) Evan Steeg (bm, mft, fem modules) Sue Becker (hcl, scl, kcl modules) Brion Dolenko, Univ. of Manitoba (cascade correlation module) Dept. of Computer Science University of Toronto 6 Kings College Road Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5S 1A4 Fax: (416) 978-1455 Tel: (416) 978-7403 Contact: Keywords: Authors!Becker, Authors!Dolenko, Authors!Hinton, Authors!Plate, Authors!Steeg, Authors!van Camp, Backpropagation, Boltzmann Machine, C!Code, Cascade Correlation, Free Energy Manipulation, Hard Competitive Learning, Kohonnen Net, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Mean Field Theory, Neural Networks!Simulators, Recurrent Backpropagation, Soft Competitive Learning, Univ. of Toronto, Visualization, XERION References: ?
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