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NeuDL: Neural-Network Description Language

NeuDL (Neural-Network Description Language) is a prototype of a description language for the design, training, and operation of neural networks. NeuDL is currently limited to the backpropagation neural-network model, but offers a great deal of flexibility. For example, the user can explicitly specify the connections between nodes and can create or destroy connections dynamically as training progresses. NeuDL is an interpreted language resembling C or C++. A NeuDL program can be run in interpreted mode or it can be automatically translated into C++ which can be compiled and then executed. The NeuDL interpreter is written in C++ and can be easly extended with new instructions.
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Version: 0.21 (17-JUN-94) Requires: C++ Copying: May be used and distributed for educational purposes only. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Joey Rogers The University of Alabama Keywords: Authors!Rogers, Backpropagation, C++!Code, Connectionist Systems, NeuDL, Neural Networks Contains: neudl*.tgz The NeuDL system demo.doc FAQ for NeuDL and a demonstration of the program. paper.doc A short paper about NeuDL References: ?
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