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Propagator: Demo version of a backpropagation neural network simulator

This directory contains a Windows demo version of Propagator, a backpropagation neural network simulator. You cannot save files with the demo version and the C source code generation program is not included. Full versions are available from ARD Corporation: PC Windows 3.x version $199 Macintosh System 7.x version $199 Sun Solaris 1.x and Solaris 2.x version $499

Version: 18-OCT-93 Requires: IBM PC (Windows) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: ARD Corporation Tel: 410-997-5600 or 1-800-969-2731 Fax: 410-997-3902 Keywords: ARD Corporation, Backpropagation, Demo Version, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Neural Networks!Simulators, Propagator References: ?
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