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Aspirin/MIGRAINES: Neural Network Simulator (Backpropagation Networks)

Aspirin/MIGRAINES is a neural network simulator available free from the MITRE Corporation. It contains a neural network simulation code generator which generates high performance C code implementations for backpropagation networks written in the Aspirin network description language. MIGRAINES is an interface for exporting data from the neural networks to visualization tools such as Gnuplot3, Matlab, Mathematica, and Xgobi. Many examples are included, such as an implementation of NETtalk. Also included are some network analysis tools.
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   as the files am6.tar.Z, am6.readme, am6.notes

Version: 6.0 (24-AUG-93) Requires: ANSI C Ports: It runs on Apollo, Convex, Cray, DecStation, HP, IBM RS/6000, Intel 486/386 (Unix System V), NeXT, News, Silicon Graphics Iris, Sun3, Sun4, Mercury i860 (40MHz) Coprocessors, Meiko Computing Surface w/i860 (40MHz) Nodes, Skystation i860 (40MHz) Coprocessors, and iWarp Cells. Copying: Copyright (c) The MITRE Corporation. Free use and modification for research and development purposes. Commercial uses must write to the MITRE Corporation for permission. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Russell Leighton or MITRE Signal Processing Center 7525 Colshire Dr. McLean, Va. 22102, USA [As of 7/7/93, the MITRE email address bounced. Leighton no longer works for MITRE, but continues to support the software.] Keywords: Aspirin, Authors!Leighton, Backpropagation, C!Code, MIGRAINES, MITRE, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, NETtalk, Neural Networks!Simulators, Visualization References: ?
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