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XPP: Analysis and Simulation of Dynamic and Probabilistic Phenomena

XPP is a system for the analysis and simulation of dynamic and probabilistic phenomena. It solves differential equations, difference equations, delay equations, functional equations, iterative equations, boundary value problems, and stochastic equations, all combined with probabilistic models. It evolved from a chapter written by Bard Ermentrout and John Rinzel on the qualitative theory of nerve membranes and eventually became a commercial product for MSDOS computers called PHASEPLANE. It is now available for free as a program running under X11 and UNIX. A variety of numerical methods are employed so that the user can generally be sure that the solutions are accurate. Examples include connectionist type neural nets, biophysical models, models with memory, and models of cells with random inputs or with random transitions. A graphical interface using X Windows as well as numerous plotting options are provided. PostScript output is supported.
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Version: 1.61 (11-OCT-93) Requires: C, X11 Ports: The software has been successfully compiled on DEC,HP,SUN,IBM,NEXT workstations as well as on a PC running Linux. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Bard Ermentrout Keywords: Authors!Ermentrout, Biophysical Models, Boundary Value Problems, Connectionist Systems, Delay Equations, Difference Equations, Differential Equations, Functional Equations, Iterative Equations, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Math, Nerve Membranes, Neural Networks, Probabilistic Models, Stochastic Equations, XPP References: ?
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