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CMAC: Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller

CMAC implements the cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC), a neural network architecture proposed by J.S. Albus. This network is applied to two of the example problems that accompany the MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox, BCKPROP4 and CSTRAIN. These simple function approximation examples illustrate some of the features of CMAC.
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Version: 15-SEP-93 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Donald Reay Power Electronics Group Department of Electrical Engineering Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh EH14 4AS United Kingdom Keywords: Albus, Authors!Reay, CMAC, MATLAB, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Neural Networks References: Albus, J.S., "A New Approach to Manipulator Control: The Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller (CMAC)", Trans. ASME J. DSMC 97(3):312-324, September 1975. Albus, J.S., "Data Storage in the Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller", Trans. ASME J. DSMC 97(3):228-233, September 1975. Edgar An, P.C., Miller, W.T., and Parks, P.C., "Design Improvements in Associative Memories for Cerebellar Model Articulation Controllers (CMAC)", Proc. ICANN, pages 1207-1210, 1991. CMAC - Cerebellum Model Articulation Controller, AI Expert, June 1992, pages 32-41, and Transactions of ASME, Sept. 1975, pp. 220-227.
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