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THE BRAIN: Neural Network (Backpropagation) Simulator for MSDOS

THE BRAIN is a neural network (backpropagation) simulator for MSDOS systems. It is simple enough to be used by non-technical people, yet sophisticated enough for serious research work. Examples include recognition of numerals (1, 2, and 3), AND, and XOR.
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Version: 1.2 (21-MAR-94) Requires: MSDOS Copying: Shareware. Registered version allows use of extra memory. Updated: Thu Oct 13 19:26:52 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): David Perkovic or PO Box 712 Noarlunga Center SA 5168 Australia Keywords: Authors!Perkovic, Backpropagation, Brain, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Neural Networks!Simulators, Shareware, XOR References: ?
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