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NevProp: General purpose backpropagation in C.

NevProp is a C implementation of general purpose backpropagation software, based on Quickprop 1.0 by Scott Fahlman, as translated from Common Lisp into C by Terry Regier. The quickprop algorithm itself has not changed substantially, but it now includes options to force gradient descent (per-epoch or per-pattern), generalization & stopped training, c index, and interface enhancements. Questions and comments regarding the Quickprop algorithm itself should be directed to Scott Fahlman at Issues pertaining to NevProp code or functionality itself should be directed to the authors.
Origin: []
   as the file npxxx.shar (replace xxx with the version number)
   or from the CMU Simulator Collection.

Version: 1.16 (13-JUL-93) Requires: C Ports: It runs on Unix, Macintosh, and DOS. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Phil Goodman David Rosen, Allen Plummer University of Nevada Center for Biomedical Modeling Research Washoe Medical Center, H-166, 77 Pringle Way Reno, NV 89520 Tel: 702-328-4867 Fax: 702-328-4111 Keywords: Authors!Fahlman, Authors!Goodman, Authors!Plummer, Authors!Rosen, Backpropagation, C!Code, Gradient Descent, Machine Learning!Neural Networks, Neural Networks, NevProp, Quickprop References: The algorithm and some test results are described in Fahlman's paper "Faster-Learning Variations on Back-Propagation: An Empirical Study" in Proceedings of 1988 Connectionist Models Summer School, published by Morgan Kaufmann.
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