15-828/18-847 Spring '98 Home Page

Welcome to the WWW homepage for CMU 15-828/18-847 "Reconfigurable Computing Seminar" The course is being taught by Professor Seth Goldstein and Dr. Herman Schmit. The course secretary is Barbara Grandillo.

The dic manual is available in either postscript or html.

The Seminar meets on Monday, Wednesday 1:30-3:00 WeH 5409B.

How to access the course staff:


You should read the class newsgroups regularly. If the following addresses are not accessible, use your favorite newsgroup reader. We ask that students obey appropriate netiquette. 

Handouts in PostScript format:

  1. Course Information guide
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Lab 2
Also, you can go directly to the directory /afs/cs/academic/classes/15828/handouts to print (lpr) the postscript files or view (ghostview) them.

Handouts in HTML format:

Note: sometimes parts of documents can get mangled when converting to html, so the PostScript versions (if available) should be treated as "official".
  1. Course Information guide
  2. Lab 1
  3. Lab 1 Answers and Grading Criteria
  4. Lab 2
  5. Project Proposal Template


Here are the lecture outlines/slides.

Scribe Notes:

Scribe note templates are now found in the same lecture as the lecture slides. You can retrieve them by following the scribe notes link next the appropriate lecture. When the lecture slides are put on the web, the scribe note template will be placed there as well. This should lead to less gratuitous typing.