15-816 Modal Logic

Preliminary Information Below

  • Lectures are Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30-2:50, GHC 4102.
  • The class notes provide additional reading material.
    They complement, but do not replace the lecture.
  • The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.
Date Lecture Reading    Assignment Due

Tue Jan 12 Judgments and Propositions 01-judgments.pdf
Thu Jan 14 Proofs as Programs 02-pap.pdf

Tue Jan 19 Categorical Judgments 03-categorical.pdf
Thu Jan 21 Computational Interpretations of Modalities 04-compmodal.pdf Assignment 1

Tue Jan 26 Classical Modal Logic 05-pml.pdf (up to 3)
Thu Jan 28 Gödel and Modal Semantics 05-pml.pdf

Tue Feb 2 Soundness and Correspondence 07-cor.pdf Assignment 2
Thu Feb 4 No class, special seminar Vladimir Voevodsky at 1pm

Tue Feb 9 No class, snow day
Thu Feb 11 Sequent Calculus 08-seqcalc.pdf Assignment 3

Tue Feb 16 Combinatory Modal Logic 09-combinators.pdf
Thu Feb 18 Modal Tableaux 10-modtab.pdf

Tue Feb 23 Soundness of Modal Tableaux 11-tabsound.pdf Assignment 4
Thu Feb 25 First-Order Modal Logic 12-foml.pdf

Tue Mar 2 First-Order Logic and First-Order Modal Logic 13-folreduction.pdf Assignment 5
Thu Mar 4 Midterm Exam

Tue Mar 9 Spring Break
Thu Mar 11 Spring Break

Tue Mar 16 Reconciliation 14-reconcil.pdf
Thu Mar 18 Intuitionistic Kripke Semantics 15-ikripke.pdf

Tue Mar 23 Kripke Semantics for Validity 16-vkripke.pdf
Thu Mar 25 Tethered Semantics 17-tethered.pdf

Tue Mar 30 Model Checking 18-modck.pdf
Thu Apr 1 Dynamic Logic 19-PDL.pdf Whitepaper Due

Tue Apr 6 Completeness and Canonical Models 20-complete.pdf
Thu Apr 8 Decidability and Filtrations 21-decidable.pdf

Tue Apr 13 Intuitionistic Temporal Logic [Davies96]
Thu Apr 15 Carnival (no class) Proposal Due

Tue Apr 20 Linear Logic 23-linlog.pdf
Thu Apr 22 Resource Semantics 24-ressemantics.pdf

Tue Apr 27 Propositional Dynamic Logic Theory 25-DLtheo.pdf (part I)
Thu Apr 29 First-Order Dynamic Logic Theory and Applications 25-DLtheo.pdf (part II)

Fri May 7 Final Projects Due

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