15-816 Modal Logic

Preliminary Information Below

  • Assignments generally are given out Tuesday or Thursday in lecture and are due one week later.
  • Assignments must be your individual work.
    You may discuss the homeworks with others, but you must write up and hand in your own solutions.
  • Homeworks may require an implementation, or simply a write-up with pencil and paper or LaTeX.
  • If you want to typeset your answers, we recommend proof.sty, a collection of LaTeX macros for type-setting deductions. We will post sample lecture notes.
  • Emphasis is on correctness and elegance. Some assignments may be very difficult. If you cannot do them, write down your thoughts for partial credit, but never hand back an incorrect "proof".
  • Written homeworks are to be handed in at the beginning of lecture on the due date.
Out Assignment Reference Due Solutions

Jan 14 Assignment 1: L1.1, L1.4, L1.9, L2.1, L2.2, L2.10 LaTeX Example Thu Jan 21
Jan 21 Assignment 2: L3.1, L3.5, L4.1, L4.6, L4.9 Tue Feb 2
Feb 2 Assignment 3: L5.2, L5.3, L7.1, L7.2, L7.3, L7.4 Tue Feb 9
Feb 16 Assignment 4: L8.2, L8.10, L9.2, L9.3, L9.5 Tue Feb 23
Feb 23 Assignment 5: L10.1, L10.2, L10.3, L10.4, L11.1, L11.2, L11.3 Tue Mar 2

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