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(See "Narconon and Scientology", and particularly the "Organisations" page, for a detailed description of the links between the two organisations.)

Documents illustrating Narconon's ties with Scientology - 1970s

  • L. Ron Hubbard, "Narconon", Flag Bureaux Data Letter 220
    29 August 1972
    The smoking gun - a document issued by L. Ron Hubbard praising the Church of Scientology's Guardian's Office for "running Narconon (Drugs-no!) Program [all] over the world".
  • Declaration of Lt Col Mark Jones, USMC (Rtd)
    10 February 1995
    Narconon's first Director describes how the Church of Scientology exercised near-complete control of the supposedly independent group during his ten years in office.
  • "Commendation - Mark Jones"
    Church of Scientology of California, United States Guardian's Office, 18 August 1982
    Commendation issued by the Church of Scientology praising Lt Col Mark Jones, director of Narconon, for "greatly assisting in bringing about widespread acceptances of Scientology and overwhelming public popularity of the technology of L. Ron Hubbard".
  • LRH ED 8 Int
    Church of Scientology of California, 2 June 1972
    An L. Ron Hubbard Executive Directive International awarding Lt Col Mark Jones a Scientology training level "for the excellent work he has done on the Narconon Programs".
  • "SC [Social Coordination] general headings for data needing coding"
    Guardian's Office, date unknown
    Undated document seized by the FBI in 1977 ordering the use of codes for "anything that gives specific and actual evidence that Scientology is in legal control of B6 type groups," including Narconon.
  • "FLEECE"
    Guardian's Office, date unknown
    Extract from the Guardian's Office codebook for the FLEECE code, showing the codename used to conceal mentions of Narconon and other references thought to be incriminating. (See also "SC general headings for data needing coding", above.)
  • "Enemy File"
    Guardian's Office, date unknown
    Undated document seized by the FBI in 1977 that lists the aims of the Guardian's Office, including ensuring that an "enemy group" is "disbanded or unwilling or unable to attack" - such groups include "rival drug rehab group[s]."
  • Notices from The Auditor
    Church of Scientology, 1970s
    A small collection of cuttings from the Church of Scientology's internal newspaper, The Auditor, describing Narconon as "a Scientology Drug Rehabilitation Program".

Documents illustrating Narconon's ties with Scientology - 1980s & 1990s

  • "Briefing - Purification Campaign - The Vital Role of PR"
    Guardian's Office, 15 February 1982
    An internal briefing document outlining the Church's objective of using the Hubbard's detoxification therapy "bridge masses of people into Scientology."

  • Narconon Technical Line-Up (1984)
    Flowchart of the Narconon programme, which concludes with a direction to route clients into the "nearest [Scientology] org".
  • ABLE Wins, issue 1 (1989)
    Extract from the first issue of the newsletter of the Association for Better Living and Education, publicising the conversion of the Guardian Office Social Coordination bureau into ABLE.
  • Flag FSM Newsletter, vol. XIX, no. XVII (1992)
    Extract from a Scientology newsletter showing a Narconon group as an "International Top Ten [Scientology] FSM [Field Staff Member]", i.e. a Scientology recruiter.
  • Closing Agreement On Final Determination Covering Specific Matters
    US Internal Revenue Service, 1 October 1993
    This controversial and (until 1997) secret document shows the Church of Scientology International accepting responsibility for the unpaid taxes of Narconon International (NN Int) - see especially section VIII.C.4, in which NN Int is described as a "Scientology-related entity".
  • "Narconon UK Non-Existence Program"
    Executive Directive from Narconon International, 23 May 1995
    Extracts from an internal Narconon document illustrating links with the Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs.

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