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24 December 2002
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This document was part of a set of instructions (the "Coding Hat") issued to Guardian's Office bureaux, governing the use of codes in sensitive correspondence. There were seven such sets of instructions, covering the GO as a whole and its six bureaux - in this case, SC or Social Coordination, otherwise known as Bureau 6 or B6. As much of what the GO did was either illegal or totally incompatible with the Church of Scientology's public image and publicly declared corporate status, it used a number of codes to disguide its activities. Terms like "secret" and "confidential" were deemed a security risk and were replaced with terms less likely to attract outside attention. Other words, such as the names of places, individuals and sensitive concepts, were replaced with arbitrarily chosen codewords. There were several such cyphers - in the FLEECE cypher, for instance, "Melbourne" was "RUMP", "front group" was "SHOE" and Narconon was "ROOM". (See "FLEECE" for more information on the FLEECE cypher.)