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24 December 2002
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This document comes from a 1992 edition of Flag FSM Newsletter (vol. XIX, no. XVII), an internal Church of Scientology publication which is distributed to Field Staff Members. FSMs are effectively salespeople, being Scientology members who sell Scientology courses and publications to "raw meat" (the general public) for a cut of 15% of the proceeds. This often goes straight back to the Church, as many FSMs use their sales income to offset the cost of their own Scientology courses.

The magazine shows top ten lists of the most effective FSMs worldwide - effectiveness is defined by the amount of money raised for the Church of Scientology by recruitment or sales activities on the Church's behalf. Most of the organisations listed are either Church organisations or officially sanctioned "missions", but two are entities which supposedly are not part of the Church at all. Sterling Management Services is a Californian management consultancy which sells L. Ron Hubbard's "admin technology" - ostensibly completely non-religious - to businesses. Narconon is also ostensibly non-religious; yet the branch at Los Molinos, in the mountains above Madrid in Spain, is listed as the fourth most productive Scientology recruiter for 1992.