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24 December 2002
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This document dates from the last year of existence of the Guardian's Office (though not its Social Coordination section, which continued until it was replaced by the separately incorporated Association for Better Living and Education in 1986). It provides a very important insight into the significance to Scientology of drug rehabilitation, as well as a flavour of a typical Scientology public relations campaign.

The Purification Rundown - of which Narconon is a "secular" version - is seen as a means of "bridg[ing] masses of people into Scientology". Drug rehabilitation is a key element of Scientology's campaign to "take over the handling of the field of mental health". The Purification Rundown needs to be promoted as "the latest health fad and craze sweeping the world" and $50m needs to be raised through the campaign. (The emphasis on money is not accidental; the bottom line for Scientology is very often the amount of cash raised).

The programme of activities includes obtaining "allies" from the health professions, people who are not necessarily Scientologists but may show support for the Purification Rundown. (Several such individuals are discussed in "Narconon's Supporters".) Celebrities are to be used as well. (Kirstey Alley is one of Narconon's most prominent supporters.) Mention is to be made at every opportunity of Scientology's anti-drugs message. (It is very often trotted out in letters to newspapers.) "Raving" success stories are to be promoted to the media. (Narconon makes very heavy use of such success stories, despite their objective worthlessness - see "Success Stories" for more on this topic.)