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Primary Target #4:

(Note: "She" refers to the Executive Director of Narconon UK, or ED NN UK.)

Operating Targets #27, #37, #47 and #48

This is one of the very few internal documents to have emerged from Narconon in recent years and is reproduced here in a very abbreviated form - basically extracts of the most significant points in the "Non-Existence Program" drawn up for the organisation.

The curious title refers to the Scientology "tone scale", which assigns people an "ethical condition" related to their degree of productivity (a very Scientological practice, where members are punished or rewarded depending on their usefulness to the organisation). A person newly assigned to a task or a newly-created group is deemed to be "non-existent", in that they have neither produced nor consumed anything. In order to become a useful and productive member of the Scientology community, the person or group has to undergo a "non-existence program", of which this is a typical example, to get them into a position where they can begin to produce.

The document illustrates the very close relationship between Narconon, the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) and the Church of Scientology itself. It is issued by Narconon International, in Los Angeles, and addressed to the Executive Director of Narconon UK (ED NN UK). A series of "Primary Targets" and "Operating Targets" are listed, each one of which has to be achieved and signed off by the relevant post holder. Primary Target #4 requires the ED NN UK to report to Narconon International and ABLE UK (which has its offices at the Church of Scientology's UK headquarters in Saint Hill Manor near East Grinstead, Sussex). Operating Targets #27, #37, #47 and #48 require liaison with the Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs - the successor to the Guardian's Office - and with the "LRH PPRO UK". This is the L. Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Officer, responsible for

get[ting] LRH's technologies utilized by the external publics ... Ron's external publics are those publics outside of Scn [Scientology], governments, media, social reform, education, the arts, business, specialist activities are all included in Ron's external publics.
[Modern Management Technology Defined, 1976 ed.]

The document clearly assumes that the reader will be very familiar with the internal workings of the Church of Scientology, even though Narconon supposedly is a separate body. It also indicates that Narconon makes use of Scientology resources routinely and frequently; note that it assumes that Narconon can "get" the Office of Special Affairs to do various things, including providing legal advice. (Any financial costs are not mentioned).