What is the Narconon programme?

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10 December 2002
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The Narconon programme consists of four parts taken in nine steps, each of which is discussed in more detail on the following pages:

  1. Drug-Free Withdrawal
  2. Narconon Therapeutic TRs Course
  3. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program
  4. Life Improvement Courses, consisting of:
    1. The Narconon Learning Improvement Course
    2. The Narconon Perception and Communication Course
    3. The Narconon Ups and Downs in Life Course
    4. The Narconon Personal Values and Integrity Course
    5. The Narconon Changing Conditions in Life Course
    6. The Narconon THE WAY TO HAPPINESS® Course
    [Narconon Drug Treatment: Ending Drug Addiction <http://www.narcononquebec.ca/program.html>]

As these pages reveal, there are major issues involving many of these courses; some have raised serious safety concerns, while others are based on wholly unscientific theories and virtually all are very closely based on - or even taken directly from - Scientology's religious doctrines, despite Narconon's supposedly secular nature.

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