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24 October 2002
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One of the most controversial and hotly debated questions about Narconon is the nature of its relationship with Scientology - both the religion and the Church. Narconon's critics frequently claim that it is little more than a front for Scientology, used to recruit people into Scientology and to covertly introduce Scientology doctrines into wider society. The Church of Scientology and Narconon naturally deny this, stating that "Narconon drug rehabilitation and drug education is a secular social betterment program with highly effective results. It is a separate and autonomous charitable program that is independent of the Church of Scientology." ["Narconon: A New Life for Drug Addicts" - <>]

But does it matter if Narconon is, as its critics claim, a front for Scientology? It does, for a number of reasons:

There is very strong evidence that Narconon is in fact inseparable from Scientology. When one examines the facts in detail, it becomes apparent that there are very close links between the Church of Scientology and that Narconon itself is, in effect, virtually undiluted Scientology. The connections fall into three distinct categories:


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