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14 January 2003
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1. From The Auditor issue 70, page 11:

2. From The Auditor issue 82, page 7:

3. From The Auditor issue 86, page 6:

This small collection of notices is extracted from the Church of Scientology's internal newspaper, The Auditor. It is a monthly publication that goes out to Scientologists worldwide to inform them of the Church's activities, promote Scientology courses and provide information to the Scientology community. The cuttings above appeared in the "notices" section of three 1970s issues of The Auditor, illustrating how the Narconon-Scientology connection was openly advertised to Scientologists at the time. Some points of interest:

  • The first item lists the address of Narconon's director, Mark Jones, as being the Guardian's Office of the Church of Scientology. (The GO in fact ran Narconon during the 1970s).
  • Both the first and second items describe Narconon as "a Scientology Drug Rehabilitation Program."
  • The second item advertises for Scientologists "who have done a [Scientology] communications course," which Narconon uses in a nearly identical format. Trained Scientologists are still routinely sought by Narconon to staff its facilities, on account of their expertise in Scientology rather than drug rehabilitation.
  • The last item supposedly lists Scientology missions, but also includes a Narconon organisation in San Diego; fifteen individuals are listed as having completed the HAS (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist) course, an introductory Scientology course. This almost certainly represents a group of Narconon clients successfully completing a Scientology training course, as the Scientologist staff would certainly already have acquired this qualification.