15-494 Cognitive Robotics
Spring 2011
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Week 1
Mon 1/10 Lecture: Course intro; Chiara overview; C++ for Java programmers
Videos: XOR demo, Two-Armed Bandit demo, Chiara chess, Chiara piano
Read: C++ review
Wed 1/12 Read tutorial sections: Introduction, Documentation, Behaviors, Events
Lecture: Tekkotsu behaviors and events
Drill: Behaviors and events drill
Fri 1/14 Read: tutorial section on Robot safety
Lab 1: Teleoperation with ControllerGUI; compiling Tekkotsu behaviors
Week 2
Mon 1/17 Martin Luther King Day: no class.
Wed 1/19 Read: tutorial sections on State nodes, Shorthand notation, Defining node classes
Simplified intros for beginners: Tutorial: State Machine Intro, Tutorial: Defining New Node Classes
Lecture: State machine formalism
Drill: State machines drill
Fri 1/21 Read: tutorial chapter on The Storyboard Tool
Lab 2: State machines and the Storyboard tool
Alternate lab for beginners: Lab: Storyboard Tool
Week 3
Mon 1/24 Lecture: Tekkotsu vision pipeline; color image segmentation
Read: overview of the Vision Pipeline Read: tutorial section on color image segmentation and EasyTrain
Homework 2: Color segmentation with EasyTrain (due by Monday, 1/31/11)
Wed 1/26 Read: S. Ullman (1984) Visual routines. Cognition 18:97-157.
Lecture: Ullman's visual routines; Sketches in Tekkotsu
Fri 1/28 Read: tutorial sections on VisualRoutinesStateNode, Sketch primitives, Tekkotsu simulator
Lab 3/Homework 3: Tekkotsu simulator; programming with Sketches
Week 4
Mon 1/31 Read: MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science articles on Mental Representation and Imagery
     (both mention Paivio's dual coding theory)
Read: tutorial section on Shape primitives
Lecture: Shape representations
Wed 2/02 Read: How qualitative spatial reasoning can improve strategy game AIs, by Forbus, Mahoney, and Dill.
Read: tutorial section on the Map Builder
Lecture: Shape predicates; Tekkotsu's local map builder
Fri 2/04 Lab 4: Map building and visual search
Homework 4: Parsing the tic-tac-toe board
Week 5
Mon 2/07 Read: tutorial section on State signalling
Read wiki page on $provide and $reference
Lecture: Architectures for robot control; advanced state machines
Wed 2/9 Read: tutorial chapter on Postures and Motion Sequences, wiki page on Mirage
Lecture: Postures and motion sequences, Mirage simulator
Videos: standlie.mp4, pan_head.mp4, headwag.mp4, fallover.mp4
Fri 2/10 Lab 5: Motion Sequences
Week 6
Mon 2/14 Lecture: World maps and localization
Homework 5: Particle filter bingo
Wed 2/16 Read: tutorial chapter on Walking
Lecture: Navigating with the Pilot
Fri 2/18 Lab 6: Knock down a soda can
Week 7
Mon 2/21 Lecture: Object recognition
Supplemental: Fred Birchmore's soda can detector, Tekkotsu SIFT video
Wed 2/23 Leture: Gestalt perception
Optional readings: Gestalt perception, Basic concepts of Gestalt psychology
Fri 2/25 Lab 7: Gestalt perception exercise
Week 8
Mon 2/28 Read: B. Kuipers (2005) Drinking from the firehose of experience.
Lecture: Consciousness and groundedness
Video demo: the flash lag effect
Wed 3/02 Midterm exam
Fri 3/04
mid-semester break
Week 9
Mon 3/07
Spring Break
Wed 3/09
Spring Break
Fri 3/11
Spring Break
Week 10
Mon 3/14 Read: tutorial section on Motion commands
Read: documentation for MotionManager, MotionCommand, MMAccessor, LedEngine
Lecture: Motion commands and real-time programming
Wed 3/16 Read: tutorial chapter on Forward kinematics
Optional: A gentle introduction to homogenous transformations and robot kinematics, by Jennifer Kay.
Lecture: Body representation and the kinematics engine
Video: Denavit-Hartenberg Reference Frame Layout
Video: Tentacle arm path planning
Fri 3/18 Lab 8: Kinematics lab
Week 11
Mon 3/21 Lecture: Affordances
Video: AIBO tool use
Optional: Affordances and Design, by Don Norman
Wed 3/23 Lecture: Human-robot interaction
Video: Cythia Breazeal on Nova
More Kismet videos
Fri 3/25 Lab 9: LookingGlass tool
Week 12
Mon 3/28 Lecture: Manipulation and path planning
Video: Tekkotsu arm path planning
Wed 3/30 Lecture: Manipulation with friction
Handout: PID Control Simulation - Excel Spreadsheet
Fri 4/01 Lab 10: Manipulation exercise
Week 13
Mon 4/04 Lecture: Robot learning
Wed 4/06 Special lab meeting: project prototyping experiments
Fri 4/08 project clinic
Week 14
Mon 4/11 project clinic
Wed 4/13 project clinic
Fri 4/15
Spring Carnival
Week 15
Mon 4/18 project clinic
Wed 4/20 project clinic
Fri 4/22 project clinic
Week 16
Mon 4/25 Project presentations/critiques
Wed 4/27 Project presentations/critiques
Fri 4/29
Public demo of class projects
Finals Week
Mon 5/2 Final exam: 5:30pm, Wean Hall 5304
Final projects due