CS Pathways

Increasing Equity in Computer Science Education


Our Mission

We believe that all students — especially those who have been historically excluded from and are traditionally underresourced and underestimated in STEM fields — deserve access to programs that help them decide if theirs is a future in computer science. No one should have that decision dictated to them by their circumstances.

CS Pathways exists to achieve that goal: To develop programs and initiatives that create a more equitable and inclusive journey to computer science opportunities.

For all students. From all backgrounds.

What We Do

We're driven by pressing needs and systemic social problems to work with communities and organizations to ensure all students succeed.


The Tools to Succeed

Give students the tools they need to succeed: devices, broadband access and places to learn.


Resources and Support

Offer resources and support that consider students' backgrounds and prioritize treating everyone with dignity and respect.


A Solid Foundation

Provide them with high-quality computer science instruction.


The Fundamentals

Teach students important fundamentals: numeracy, literacy and computational thinking.

Our Core Values


Communities know what they need and have essential resources to help solve systemic problems. We recognize the leadership that already exists in our neighborhoods and commit our resources and connections to help solve those problems.

Educational Equity

America's educational opportunities aren't equally distributed across race, gender, socioeconomic status and geographic location. Our programs take into account the history and ongoing impact of this inequity, and prioritize the needs of students who have been historically excluded.

Youth Voice

Students should decide their own futures. We don't manufacture computer scientists — we create the conditions students need to determine if computer science is right for them.


We lead with authenticity and honor the unique perspectives each person brings to solving problems. We value people for who they are and not what they do.

What Sets Us Apart

We firmly believe in being disruptors — that the only way to create systemic, lasting change in our education system is to collaborate with communities and institutions to find new ways to serve underrepresented and underestimated students.

Two female students attending the closing ceremony for the RISS summer research program

Here's how we do that.

  • We work with communities and organizations, balancing diverse stakeholder needs and incorporating their ideas and expertise to create and sustain change.
  • We center equity and justice in all we do, from program design to establishing desired outcomes.
  • We prioritize trust, commitment and communication with our collaborators.