The School of Computer Science has always been at the forefront of developing innovative techniques and theories. Below is a sample of publications related to that groundbreaking work.

Technical Reports

SCS Collections

Ray and Stephanie Lane Computational Biology Department Technical Reports
Computer Science Technical Reports
Computer Science Qatar Technical Reports
Human-Computer Interaction Institute Technical Reports
Language Technologies Institute Technical Reports
Machine Learning Technical Reports
Robotics Institute Technical Reports
Software and Societal Systems Department Technical Reports (formerly the Institute for Software Research)

Special Collections

Information Technology Center
Mach PublicationsReal-Time Mach Publications
Fox Publications
Parallel Data Laboratory (PDL) Publications
Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Publications
Harry Q. Bovik Technical Report Series, SIGBOVIKNCSTRLThe Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
NCSTRL: The Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library (archival reference)

Video Collections

SCS Collections

SCS Distinguished Lecture Series Videotape Collection
SCS Videotape Collection
HCI Seminar Videotape Collection

Special Collections

Inventing the Future: AI and CS in the 21st Century,A Symposium in Honor of Raj Reddy's 60th Birthday, 1998
ACM97: The Next 50 Years of Computing, 1997
Simon Symposium:Creativity and Computation: A Gedankenfest for Herbert Simon, 1996
SCS 25th Anniversary Symposium, 1990
Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, 1997
Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, 1994

Special Corporate Collections

IBM Product Overviews, July 1993
Intel 1994 Distinguished Lectures in Technology
Intel 1995 Distinguished Lectures in Technology

Library Resources

Universal Library Project
CMU Library Resources in Computer Science
Noel Newell, Allen Newell Collection
Dorothea Simon, Herbert A. Simon Collection