What our colleagues need to know:
RECRUITERS! Head to the starting Gates(and Hillman)
Register with SCS Careers
Check in the Carnegie Mellon Career Center for TartanTrak

Explore the upcoming Career Conferences:

       Technical Opportunities Conference 2014 16-17 Sept 2014

       Business Opportunities Conference 2013 - 19 Sept 2013
       Fall Employment Opportunities Conference 2013 -  10 Oct 2013
       Spark: Start-Ups and Emerging Companies 2013 -  24 Oct 2013

       Spring Employment Opportunities Conference 2014 - 4-5 Feb 2014
       Creative Arts Opportunities Conference 2013 - 28 Feb 2013
       Meeting of the Minds 2014 - Wed 7 May 2014

Travel Information

       IBM WATSON Group Event
       Tuesday, 18 February 2014 - 4:00-7:00 pm
       Gates&Hillman 6115

       4:00 pm - Registration + Refreshments (Watson KNOWS you've got to eat!)
       4:30 pm - Dr. Jerome Pesenti, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Watson Group
       5:00 pm - Work & Research in the Watson Group
                       with Watson Team Members, and plenty of Q&A
       5:30 pm - Learn about specific job opentings and meet with hiring Managers

       CODE for Pittsburgh Brigade Meeting
       Mon, 24 February 2014 - 6:00 pm
       Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry, CFA 111

       Join us to help make Pittsburgh and Allegheny County a btter place
       through the use of information and technology.
       Code for America!        Poster

       HARRIS "Raspberry Pi Workshop"
       Wed, 26 February 2014 - 5:30-7:30 pm - Newell-Simon 3305

       Presenters: Mike Freeman and Todd Leonhardt, Harris Engineers
       Hands-on with Python programming and basic electronics.
       Bring your laptop.
       Bring your own Pi or a limited number of Pis will be provided and
       you will have the change to take one home!

       RSVP and more details.
       Additional information

Student Professional Organizations

       Carnegie Mellon Computer Club
       CMU Game Creation Society
       Robotics Club


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Corporate Events
Tues 18 Feb 2014
Hamerschlag Hall 1107
6:30-8:00 pm
Chui Fan Cheng
Manager, Controls, Testers & TM Comp
About the Labs

Wed 19 Feb 2014
Reddy Conference Room
Gates&Hillman 4405

11:30-1:30 pm (Lunch)
Dr. Robert L. Clay
Manager, Scalable Modeling and Analysis Systems Department
Talk Title
Fault-Tolerant Computing at Exascale - A Quiet Revolution in Progress
About the Labs

Wed 19 Feb 2014
Porter Hall 100
4:30-6:30 pm
Amy Caro
VP Health IT
Information Systems Sector
Ryan Neimic
Software Engineer
Electronic Systems Sector
Tim Carr
Manager, Software Engineering
Electronic Systems Sector
Craig McDonough

Intelligence Solutions
Cyber Solutions Division
Information ServicesSector
and the recruiting team! Poster/Details
About the Company

Mon 25 Feb 2014
Singleton Room
5:30 pm
Rudy Wolfs,
Senior Vice President
Jeff Chapman,
Vice President
Talk Title
Capital One: Growing your entrepreneurial roots in a Fortune 200 company
Careers at CapitalOne