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It is the custom to mark the passage of time and the accomplishment of persevering through time. We gathered together, in the fall of 1990, to celebrate a quarter century of unique contributions to the substance and texture of the discipline of computer science. We called upon colleagues, friends, students, and alumni to help us address our past and the dawning future.

C. Gordon Bell, Stardent Computer
Three Decades of Multiprocessors
24 September 1990; 31:55

Jon L. Bentley, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Tools for Experiments on Algorithms
24 September 1990; 28:50

Hans J. Berliner, Carnegie Mellon University
Producing Behavior in a Searching Program
26 September 1990; 29:30

Douglas W. Clark, Digital Equipment Corporation
Large-Scale Hardware Simulation: Modeling and Verification Strategies
25 September 1990; 29:10

Roger B. Dannenberg, Carnegie Mellon University
Expressing Temporal Behavior Declaratively
24 September 1990; 25:50

Samuel A. Fuller, Digital Equipment Corporation
Technology Transfer: A Time for Reassessment
26 September 1990; 33:40

A. Nico Habermann, Carnegie Mellon University
Generation of Integrated Task-Specific Programming Environments
25 September 1990; 34:00

Anita K. Jones, University of Virginia
Scientific Databases - The Next Revolution
26 September 1990; 29:25

Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University
Computer Vision as a Physical Science
25 September 1990; 36:50

H.T. Kung, Carnegie Mellon University
Heterogeneous Multicomputers
25 September 1990; 28:40

Charles E. Leiserson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
VLSI Theory and Parallel Supercomputing
25 September 1990; 33:50

Zohar Manna, Stanford University and The Weizman Institute
Tools and Rules for the Practicing Verifier
25 September 1990; 31:25

Allen Newell, Carnegie Mellon University
Formulating the Problem Space Computational Model
25 September 1990; 25:30

John K. Ousterhout, University of California at Berkeley
The Role of Distributed State
25 September 1990; 31:40

Marc H. Raibert, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Running Experiments with Planar Biped
25 September 1990; 20:35

Richard F. Rashid, Carnegie Mellon University
Mach: A Case Study in Technology
24 September 1990; 25:20

Dana S. Scott, Carnegie Mellon University
Exploration with Mathematica
26 September 1990; 31:10

Steven A. Shafer, Carnegie Mellon University
Why Can't We Model the Physical World?
26 September 1990; 25:10

Herbert A. Simon, Carnegie Mellon University
Problem Representation
26 September 1990; 35:20

Ivan Sutherland, Sutherland, Sproull and Associates
Technology and Courage
24 September 1990; 34:25

Joseph F. Traub, Columbia University
What is Knowable?
24 September 1990; 29:40

J. Doug Tygar, Carnegie Mellon University
Strongbox: A System for Self-Securing Programs
24 September 1990; 29:35

25th Anniversary Concert
With Original Music by Reza Vali on the Video Harp
24 September 1990; 80:00

25th Anniversary Celebration
A Video Remembrance

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