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Intel 1995 Distinguished Lectures in Technology

Mark T. Bohr
Interconnect Scaling - The Real Limiter to High
Performance ULSI

Bob Colwell
Pentium Pro Processor - The Project and the
Technology Performance Microprocessors

Carmen Egido
Behaviors, Desires, and Whims:
Social Anchors in a Sea of Technological Change

Courtland Hilton
Object-model Based Factory Systems Development

Steve McGeady
Living and Working in the Digital Age

Devadas Pillai
Applications of Simulation Technology for the Design
of Factory Automation Systems

Fred Pollack
Technology for Next Generation PCs

Shishpal Rawat
VLSI Design Challenges and Opportunities

Steve Tolopka
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
The Communicating PC Comes Home

Uri Weiser
Future Trends in Microprocessor Architecture Design

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