• Virtual Conference This Year
  • We wlll be social distancing!

The fourteenth annual SIGBOVIK conference will take place at Carnegie Mellon University on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 in [your current location]. The Special Interest Group on Harry Q. Bovik is a multidisciplinary conference dedicated to lesser-known research areas neglected by mainstream conferences, such as:

  • Complexity practice,

  • Highlight syntaxing,

  • Multi-armed philanthropists,

  • Connotational semantics,

  • Science computers,

  • Data of unusual size,

  • And many more!

The SIGBOVIK Organizing Committee is proud to announce that SIGBOVIK is the first conference to adopt a triple-blind peer review1 process.

1triple-blind peer review /ˈtrɪpl-blaɪnd piːr rɪˈvjuː/


  1. Scholarly peer review that minimizes bias by concealing not only the identities of the authors and reviewers from each other, but also by concealing the papers from the reviewers. Compare: single- and double-blind peer review.

We encourage everyone to submit both papers, reviews, talks, and answers regardless of affiliation, discipline, rationality, or goodwill. Authors of accepted papers are encouraged (but not required) to give a five-minute (not ten!) presentation of their work.

The submission deadline for both papers, reviews, talks, and answers is March 27, 2020.

Further disinformation is available at our website.


If you have no idea what’s going on:

SIGBOVIK is an evening of tongue-in-cheek academic presentations. If we have a goal, it’s to poke fun at our fields and provide a venue for silly ideas with (often but not always) serious executions. SIGBOVIK has both a published proceedings and live talks, and everyone is welcome to participate in either or both of these. All subjects are welcome, although be advised that the primary audience is computer scientists. The best way to get a feel for SIGBOVIK is to look at our proceedings.