Honorverse Ships List
Version 6.0
Part 1C: Star Kingdom of Manticore

1. Royal Manticoran Navy
Redoubtable class Battlecruiser (BC)
Homer class Battlecruiser (BC)
Reliant class Battlecruiser (BC)
Crusader/Prince Consort class Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Broadsword class Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Star Knight class Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Edward Saganami class Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Courageous class Light Cruiser (CL)
Apollo class Light Cruiser (CL)
Hawkwing class Destroyer (DD)
Minstrel class Destroyer (DD)
Linnet class Destroyer (DD)
Arrowhead class Destroyer (DD)
Majestic class Dreadnought (DN)
Bellerophon class Dreadnought (DN)
Minotaur class Dreadnought LAC Carrier (DNV)
Osprey class Frigate (FG)
Manticore class Superdreadnought (SD)
Sphinx class Superdreadnought (SD)
Gryphon class Superdreadnought (SD)
Honor Harrington class Pod-layer Superdreadnought (SDP)
Erebus class Fast Minelayer (MLF)
Wayfarer class Dreadnought-armed Q-Ship (DNQ)
Leutzen class Large Armed Assault Transport (APLA)
Candice class Long Range Repair Ship (ARLR)
JNMTC Freighter (T-AKF)
Old-Style Light Attack Craft (PCL) [mod]
Trojan Horse class Light Attack Craft (PCL)
Shrike class Light Attack Craft (PCL)
Shrike-A class Light Attack Craft (PCL)
Model JF-275 Large Orbital Fortress [new]

2. Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine
Mandrake class Merchant Freighter (MS-AKM)
Argonaut class Merchant Freighter (MS-AKL)
Caravan class Merchant Freighter (MS-AKL)
Atlas class Armed Fast Passenger Liner (MS-APFA)
Star Falcon class Courier/Yacht (MS-IX / MS-APSF)

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