Ship/Smallcraft Code/Type PCL Light Attack Craft
Service/Source Royal Manticoran Navy
Class Name PCL Type 3 Shrike
Mass/Displacement (Tons) 20,000
Length Overall (Meters) 115
Maximum Beam (Meters) 19.2
Maximum Height (Meters) 19.2
Maximum Acceleration (G) 636 in Normal-Space Not Hyper-Space Capable
Complement 10 (2 Officers + 8 Warrant/Enlisted)
Core Crew 10 (2 + 8)
Armament Mounted Weapon Mount Placement
Type/Number Broadside Mounts P/S Chase Mounts F/A
Launcher Mod 7R x4 0/0 4/0
Graser 150cm x1 0/0 1/0
Launcher Mod 4CM x4 0/0 4/0
PD Laser Cluster x1 0/0 1/0
Missile(s) Used Mk50 DD/CL-grade Series. Five missiles per launcher in integral revolver magazine (20 total).
RMN-std Countermissile. 18 missiles per launcher (72 total).
Parasite Complement LCSE x1 (RMN Small Cutter/Lifeboat)
Designer/Creator RMN BuShips
Notes Equipped with 3rd Gen GSN/RMN inertial compensator and Beta² impeller nodes (first production implementation of Beta² technology).
Original standard LAC for Minotaur-class DNV.
This class was introduced in Echoes of Honor, where it also fought its first combat action. If “lessons learned” from the initial action are promptly applied, the class will be limited to the 100 units constructed for and assigned to HMS Minotaur, after which they will be superseded by the Shrike-A.

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