Honorverse Ships List
Version 6.0
Table of Contents

Part 0 — General Introduction and Comments
A. General Introduction
B. Introductions to the Various Earlier Versions
C. List of Included Ships By Type

Part 1 — Ships of the Mainstream Honorverse

A Grayson Planetary Republic
(1) Ships of the Modern Grayson Navy
(2) Grayson-built Civilian Ships
(3) Ships of the Pre-Alliance Grayson Navy

B People’s Republic of Haven
(1) People’s Navy
(2) People’s Merchant Service

C Star Kingdom of Manticore
(1) Royal Manticoran Navy
(2) Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine

D Other Navies
(1) Chalice Cluster / Silesian Confederacy Navy
(2) Erewhon System Navy
(3) Andermanisches Kaiserliches KriegsRaumsMarine (Imperial Andermani Navy)
(4) Masadan Space Navy (pre-Conquest)

Part Two — Alternate Honorverse Navies

A Harrington Blackbird Yards
(1) Harrington Yards Designs
(2) Harrington Yards PN Rebuilds

B Other Folks’ Designs
(01) Kevin Harron Designs
(02) Kyle Knopf Designs
(03) Paul Schmidt Designs
(04) Greg Tereszczyk Designs
(05) Joseph Black Designs
(06) Jeff Dougherty Designs

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(99) Michael B. Caffrey et alii Designs

Part Three — Smallcraft (incomplete)

Part Four — Appendices (incomplete)

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