Honorverse Ships List
Version 6.0
Part 1B: People’s Republic of Haven

1. People’s Navy/Ministry of State Security
Triumphant class Battleship (BB)
Lion class Battlecruier (BC)
Tiger class Battlecruiser (BC)
Sultan class Battlecruiser (BC)
Warlord class Battlecruiser (BC)
Scimitar class Hevy Cruiser (CA)
Mars class Heavy Cruier (CA) [mod]
Brilliance class Light Cruiser (CL)
Conqueror class Light Cruiser (CL)
Frigate class Light Cruiser (CL)
Bastogne class Destroyer (DD)
City class Destroyer (DD)
New Boston class Dreadnought (DN)
Rousseau class Dreadnought (DN)
Unnamed class (1) Superdreadnought (SD)
DuQuesne Class Superdreadnought(SD)
Unnamed class (2) Superdreadnought (SD)
Yarnowski class Fast Minelayer(MLF)
Trumbull-Q class Battlecruiser-armed Q-Ship (BCQ)
Astra-Q class Battleship-armed Q-Ship (BBQ)
Roughneck class Armed Assault Transport (APLA)
Longstop class Assault Transport(APL)
Unnamed class Courier Boat (IX)

2. People’s Merchant Service
Trumbull class Large Freighter (MS-AKL)
Astra class Large Freighter (MS-AKL)

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