Ship/Smallcraft Code/Type CA Heavy Cruiser
Service/Source People’s Navy
Class Name Scimitar
Mass/Displacement (Tons) 300,000
Length Overall (Meters) 1,200
Maximum Beam (Meters) 200
Maximum Height (Meters) 175
Maximum Acceleration (G) 510 in Normal-Space 4,921 in Hyper-Space
Complement 900 (80 Officers + 820 Warrant/Enlisted) Plus Flag/Flag Staff
Core Crew 750 (70 + 680)
Marine Complement 150 (10 + 140)
Flag/Flag Staff 50 (11 + 39) When Serving As Squadron Flag
Armament Mounted Weapon Mount Placement
Type/Number Broadside Mounts P/S Chase Mounts F/A
Launcher PN CA-Mod x30 12/12 3/3
Laser 60cm x8 4/4 0/0
Laser 100cm x4 0/0 2/2
Launcher PN-Mod CM x18 6/6 3/3
PD Laser Cluster x42 17/17 4/4
Missile(s) Used PN CA-grade; PN-std Countermissile
Parasite Complement LCMA x2 (D.450 Ouragan); LCS x4 (DB.100 Mercure); LKL x2 (PN-std Cargo Lighter)
Designer/Creator People’s Navy
Notes The Scimitar-class CA can tow six (6) 1st Gen PN missile pods (12 CA/BC-grade missiles/pod) or four (4) 2nd Gen pods (16 DN/SD-grade missiles).
This class was introduced in The Short Victorious War. It is sometimes also called the Sword class.

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