Ship/Smallcraft Code/Type BC Battlecruiser
Service/Source People’s Navy / People’s Republic of Haven Ministry of State Security
Class Name Warlord
Mass/Displacement (Tons) 950,000
Length Overall (Meters) 1,750
Maximum Beam (Meters) 205
Maximum Height (Meters) 180
Maximum Acceleration (G) 487 in Normal-Space 4,699.7 in Hyper-Space
Complement 2,200 (190 Officers + 2,010 Warrant/Enlisted) Plus Flag/Flag Staff
Core Crew 1,900 (175 + 1,725)
Marine Complement 300 (15 + 285)
Flag/Flag Staff 100 (19 + 81) When Serving As Squadron Flag
Armament Mounted Weapon Mount Placement
Type/Number Broadside Mounts P/S Chase Mounts F/A
Launcher PN BC-Mod x64 27/27 5/5
Laser 100cm x12 6/6 0/0
Laser 150cm x4 0/0 2/2
Graser 150cm x12 6/6 0/0
Graser 175cm x4 0/0 2/2
Launcher PN-Mod CM x36 14/14 4/4
PD Laser Cluster x74 29/29 8/8
Missile(s) Used PN BC-grade; PN-std Countermissile
Parasite Complement LCMA x4 (D.450 Ouragan); LCS x1 (DB.100 Mercure); Other Smallcraft
Designer/Creator People’s Navy
Notes State Security-configured units have two fewer graser mounts per broadside to free up internal volume for two additional boat bays and enlarged Marine quarters for 600 SS Ground Force troops. Each of the additional boat bays accommodates three PN-standard heavy assault shuttles plus docking tubes and umbilicals for two pinnaces or cutters. SS units also have a separate 12-cell high security section for political prisoners in addition to the normal brig.
This class was introduced in In Enemy Hands.

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