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[developed by Greg Aist, Dan Bohus, RIALIST Group at NASA Ames]

IPA (Intelligent Procedure Assistant) was a multi-modal spoken dialog system prototype, aimed at providing guidance and support to astronauts on the International Space Station during the execution of large procedural tasks (the domain is similar to the LARRI system). This system was developed in the RIALIST group at NASA Ames as an initial prototype. A later incarnation of this prototype deemed Clarissa (which was not a RavenClaw/Olympus system), was actually the first spoken dialog system in space.

The IPA system used a RavenClaw-based dialog manager. However, in contrast to other Olympus systems, the IPA dialog manager was integrated in a larger OAA system architecture (instead of Galaxy). The IPA system made use of the Nuance speech recognizer and the Gemini language understanding and generation module. RavenClaw was easily integrated in this different dialog system architecture (the only change required was the implementation of an OAAInterface as a replacement for the GalaxyInterface for the dialog engine).