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Research Papers

Below are several published research papers relevant to the RavenClaw/Oympus architecture:

RavenClaw dialog management RavenClaw: Dialog Management Using Hierarchical Task Decomposition and an Expectation Agenda, Bohus, D., and Rudnicky, A., in Eurospeech-2003, Geneva, Switzerland;
Error Handling in RavenClaw A K-hypotheses + Other Belief Updating Model, Bohus, D., and Rudnicky, A., in AAAI workshop on Statistical and Empirical Approaches to Spoken Dialogue, Boston, MA, 2006;
Constructing Accurate Beliefs in Spoken Dialog Systems, Bohus, D., and Rudnicky, A., in ASRU-2005, San Juan, Puerto Rico;
Error Handling in the RavenClaw Dialog Management Architecture, Bohus, D., and Rudnicky, A., in HLT-EMNLP-2005, Vancouver, Canada;
Sorry, I Didn't Catch That! - An Investigation of Non-understanding Errors and Recovery Strategies, Bohus, D., and Rudnicky, A., in SigDial-2005, Lisbon, Portugal;
Systems Doing Research on a Deployed Spoken Dialogue System: One Year of Letís Go! Experience, Raux, A., Bohus, D., Langner, B., Black, A., Eskenazi, M., in Interspeech-2006, Pittsburgh, PA;
Let's Go Public! Taking a Spoken Dialog System to the Real World, Raux, A., Langner, B., Bohus, D., Black, A., Eskenazi, M., in Interspeech-2005, Lisbon, Portugal;
A Research Platform for Multi-Agent Dialogue Dynamics, Harris, T. K., Banerjee, S., Rudnicky, A., Sison, J., Bodine, K., & Black, A., in IEEE International Workshop on Robotics and Human Interactive Communications, 2004
Initial Development of a Voice-Activated Astronaut Assistant for Procedural Tasks: from Need to Concept to Prototype, Aist, G., Bohus, D., Boven, B., Campana, E., Early, S., Phan, S., in Journal of Interactive Instruction Development, Winter 2004;
Let's Go: Improving Spoken Dialog Systems for the Elderly and Non-natives, Raux, A., Langner, B., Black, A., Eskenazi, M., in Interspeech-2003, Geneva, Switzerland;
LARRI: A Language-Based Maintenance and Repair Assistant, Bohus, D., and Rudnicky, A., in IDS-2002, Kloster Irsee, Germany;
Helios Integrating multiple knowlege sources for utterance-level confidence annotation in the CMU Communicator spoken dialog system, Bohus, D., Technical Report, CMU-CS-02-190, Pittsburgh, PA, 2002;
Phoenix Extracting information from spontaneous speech, Ward, W., in ICSLP-1994;
Rosetta Stocastic language generation for spoken dialogue systems, Oh, A.H., and Rudnicky, A., in ANLP/NAACL-2000
Galaxy Galaxy-II: A reference architecture for conversational system development, Seneff, S., Hurley, E., Lau, R., Pao, C., Schmid, P., and Zue, V, in ICSLP-1998;