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The current version of the RavenClaw/Olympus architecture runs under the Windows family of operating systems (we recommend using Windows XP, but the system should also work under Windows 2000). David Huggins-Daines is currently preparing a linux version.

Most of the RavenClaw/Olympus code base is written in C++ and perl. The C++ components compile with Visual Studio NET 2003. Note that because of a lack of backward compatibility you will not be able to open the source code projects using earlier versions of Visual Studio. Newer versions (e.g. 2005) should work fine. Even if you do not plan to make changes to the code base, you might still need some Visual Studio specific DLLs to run the executables for the various Olympus components.

You can download a free version of ActivePerl for Windows from ActiveState. We recommend using version 5.8.1 or higher.

Finally, you will need a synthesis system. Olympus can currently use Festival, Swift, or Theta for synthesis. Festival is a freeware synthesis system. The other two are commercial solutions and they can be purchased from Cepstral. The distribution available on this web site is configured to use Festival for synthesis, but can easily be reconfigured to use either of the other two solutions. If you decide to use Festival, you will have to install and configure you own Festival server. You can install Festival on a Windows machine using Cygwin, or you can install it on a linux machine (the Kalliope synthesis client connects to the Festival server over the network).