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To date, a number of systems spanning across different domains and interactions types have been developed and successfully deployed using the RavenClaw/Olympus dialog system architecture. The table below provides a quick summary.

NOTE: We are currently working on providing a web-based interface for some of these systems, so that you can try them out. Stay tuned for details.

RoomLine Telephone-based system that provides support for conference room reservation and scheduling within the School of Computer Science at CMU. Dan Bohus 1-877-CMU-PLAN 1-412-268-1084 [sample-1, sample-2]
Let's Go! Public Bus Information System Telephone-based system that provides access to bus route and scheduling information in the greater Pittsburgh area Antoine Raux, Dan Bohus, Brian Langner, Alan Black, Maxine Eskenazi 1-412-268-3526
LARRI (Symphony) Multi-modal system that provides assistance to F/A-18 aircraft personnel during the execution of maintenance tasks Dan Bohus, Yitao Sun, Kayur Patel, Ananlada Chotimongkol [video]
Intelligent Procedure Assistant Prototype for a multi-modal system aimed at providing guidance and support to the astronauts on the International Space Station during the execution of procedural tasks and checklists RIALIST group/NASA Ames, Greg Aist, Dan Bohus
Vera Telephone-based taskable agent that can be instructed to deliver messages to a third party and make wake-up calls. Ulas Bardak, Scott Judy, Vasco Pedro, Tal Blum, Jeongwoo Ko, Ryosuke Miyata [video]
MeetingLine Telephone-based system that provides access to recorded meeting information Dan Bohus, Satanjeev Banerjee
ConQuest Telephone-based system that provides conference schedule information (to be used during Interspeech-2006) Rohit Kumar, Dan Bohus, Gopala Krishna, Venkatesh Keri, Sergio Grau Puerto, Stefanie Tomko, Antoine Raux
TeamTalk Multi-participant spoken language command-and-control interface for a team of robots (treasure-hunt domain) Thomas Harris, Satanjeev Banerjee, June Sison, S.P.Kishore, Kerry Bodine, Dan Bohus [video]
Sublime PDA-based personal information management system Jahanzeb Sherwani
Madeleine Text-based dialog system for medical diagnosis Dan Bohus
RavenCalendar Multimodal dialog system for managing personal calendar information Svetlana Stenchikova, Basia Mucha, Sarah Huffman [SUNY Stony Brook]