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Let's Go! Public
[developed by Antoine Raux, Brian Langner, Dan Bohus, Alan Black, Maxine Eskenazi]

The Let's Go! Public Bus Information system, developed as part of the Let's Go project provides bus information for the city of Pittsburgh's Port Authority Transit buses. This system is connected to the Port Authority's main phone line during non-business hours (M-F 7pm-7am, Weekends/Holidays 6pm-8am), and provides callers with schedule information over the phone when they would otherwise be unable to get it. Since its inauguration in March 2005, the system has serviced over 23000 calls.

You can try it out at the following number:

Some general knowledge of Pittsburgh buses and neighborhoods is required; you have to provide the system with the names of departure and arrival locations, but general terms like Airport and CMU are also recognized.