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[developed by Svetlana Stenchikova, Basia Mucha, Sarah Huffman (SUNY Stony Brook)]

RavenCalendar is a multimodal dialog system for managing personal calendar information, such as meetings, classes, appointments, and reminders. The system connects to the Google calendar on the back-end. It allows listing, adding, modifying, and removing calendar events through the voice interface. RavenCalendar uses Google Maps on the front end to display and to allow user to choose a location of an event.

Sample conversation

Here is a sample conversation with RavenCalendar:

S: Welcome to RavenCalendar the automated dialog calendar system. What can I do for you today?
U: add a meeting for Monday
S: For what time do you want to add the MEETING?
U: from ten until eleven 
S: The event was added type MEETING for tomorrow morning starting at ten a.m.
U: list all events for next week  
S: ...