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Before downloading ...

Before proceeding further, please read the licensing agreement, and download and install any prerequisites you might need.

We make the RavenClaw/Olympus architecture available for download in the form of full spoken dialog systems constructed using this architecture. This way, you will have an actual example of a full running system. We hope the sample code will help compensate a bit for the current lack of documentation.

Currently, two RavenClaw/Olympus systems are available for download: RoomLine and MeetingLine. We hope to make other systems available shortly.

Before downloading a system we recommend that you contact us by email to find out about possible updates and patches that have not yet made it to this web site since this version has been released. Additionally, we would like to know a bit about the system you are planning to build using this architecture :)

Systems currently available for download

RoomLine Version 1.00 [release date: 07/07/2006] [zip-file]
This version of the RoomLine system uses a simulated room schedule database (no connections to the CMU CorporateTime server are allowed). Futhermore, you will need a Festival server for synthesis.
MeetingLine Version 0.10 [release date: 07/07/2006] [zip-file]
This is an early prototype version of the MeetingLine system.

What next?

After you download a system, please check the documentation page for information about how to proceed further. Among other things, this page contains information about how to install a RavenClaw/Olympus system, and how to start a new RavenClaw/Olympus project.